Assessment and Feedback

Welcome to the Assessment and Feedback Effective Practice Hub

Assessment and feedback shape learning experiences and enable students to develop a wide range of transferable skills.

The Towards a Smarter Curriculum initiative provides an opportunity to review and revise the organisation of teaching and assessment, enhance the student and staff experience and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery and assessment of all our taught programmes at all levels.

Underlying principles of Assessment and Feedback

Nine principles guide the design and use of assessment and feedback to ensure a positive student experience and effective learning.

  1. Our delivery and assessment is coherent and aligned to Programme level and course unit ILOs
  2. Student study hours are balanced and consistent across delivery, independent study and assessment
  3. Students have adequate time to consolidate, practise and apply their understanding with feedback opportunities feeding forward into future learning
  4. Contact time is used effectively and includes active and collaborative learning
  5. Our assessments are for and of learning and underpinned by engagement with feedback and feedforward
  6. Assessment and reassessment workloads and schedules are appropriate and reasonable to avoid overload for both students and staff
  7. Assessment is appropriate to and facilitate s academic and intellectual progression
  8. Our staff and students will be supported to become assessment and learning literate
  9. Our work with students as partners to co-review and co-develop teaching, learning and assessment is embedded in curriculum and programme design.
The case studies and other resources in the hub are tagged to show which of these principles they support most directly, and they can be accessed through the following list:
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